Gary's 99 Honda Accord EX

Pugsley on the serpentine, spectacular State Highway 89 south of Prescott, Arizona
My daily driver is Pugsley, a 1999 Honda Accord EX coupe, black currant pearl with a quartz cloth interior. He has Honda's 150-hp VTEC 4-cylinder engine and a 4-speed automatic transmission, plus a moonroof and CD player, two features I've wanted for a long time. The 200-hp Accord V-6 was tempting, but it was beyond my budget, and I didn't really want the leather interior that came with it.

Pugsley (named after the son in the Addams Family) is a blast to drive, with a smooth, eager-to-rev powerplant, sharp handling, and confidence-inspiring 4-wheel disc brakes with ABS. He's also a very comfortable car and terrific on long trips. I will admit, however, that although the ride is nice, it's not quite the Jet Smooth ride of my Impala.

This is my second Accord; my '95 LX coupe served me well for 57,000 trouble-free miles. My sister Susan drove Honey, an '85 Accord sedan for 15 years and nearly 190,000 miles before buying Ramona, a 2001 Odyssey. Her husband Matt drove Maria, a '83 Civic wagon for 14 years and 180,000+ miles before buying Victor, a '97 CR-V. Several of my friends drive Hondas as well; Mark has a '01 Civic EX (replacing an '85 Prelude), and Louis has a '01 CR-V (replacing a '93 Accord SE); and Dan (finally!) recently replaced his Geo Metro with a '97 Civic LX. We're all sold on our Hondas, and I highly recommend them. I consider the Honda Accord what the Chevy Impala was in 1964 -- the best car you can buy for the money.

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