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I took Betty to a number of local body shops for estimates on the paint and body work after I bought her, and the results were not encouraging. Estimates ranged from $3,500-$5,000+ -- so it appeared Betty would remain in her current condition for some time.

Then I saw an half-price sale ad in the Sunday paper for Earl Scheib. Now I know production paint shops like Scheib and Maaco don't have the greatest reputations, but the ad did show how they prep the car for painting, the paint job advertised came with a six-year warranty. So I figured it was at least worth checking into.

I took Betty to the Earl Scheib shop on Indian School Road in Phoenix for an estimate. Although they don't typically work on cars like mine, the manager said they could do all the necessary body work, including repairing the rust damage on the trunk lid and fenders as well as and replacing three of the rust-damaged doors with ones I had bought at a junkyard. And the price was very reasonable -- $1,500.

None of Scheib's standard colors came close to Betty's original Meadow Green, so they blended a darker green with white to get an almost perfect match to the original. Three weeks later, the job was done, and the results are amazing -- she looks practically brand new!

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