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Remember When / November 5, 2000

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With Betty back to running in top form, we took her out on a cruise to Casa Grande with Remember When. This is the first time the four couples with '64 Impalas in the club, George and Devona, Karl and Cindy, Ken and Trish, and me and Samantha, (plus Max) had our cars together on a cruise.

We met in Northwest Phoenix, then headed down I-17. On 1-10 near Sky Harbor Airport, we got stuck in traffic with all but two lanes of the freeway closed for bridge repair. After that, it was smooth sailing. We pulled off at the rest stop just north of Casa Grande for lunch and a few more pictures.

In Casa Grande, we visited a retired couple who had dismantled a 1950s service station in Michigan and put it back together in their back yard, along with a couple of vintage Good Humor ice cream trucks and lots of other nostalgia kitsch. Our cars fit right in.

Since everybody else lives on the north or northwet side of Phoenix and we live in the southeast Valley, we invited everybody over to our house for dinner after the cruise since they were on our side of town anyway. So one by one, the four '64 Impalas pulled into our driveway. The neighbors definitely noticed!

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