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February, 1999

Thesepictures were taken in California the day after I bought my Impala.

April, 1999

Although the body was straight and the chrome trim was in very good condition, Betty definitely needed some paint and body work. The previous owner had replaced the original hood with one from a junkyard after it buckled when the hinges became stuck (a common problem, I'm told). The replacement hood had some surface rust and oxidized paint -- just as you'd expect after sitting for years in a junkyard.

Because my Impala spent most of its life on the Pacific Coast, rust had taken it's toll on the body. On the decklid, rust had nearly eaten away all of the sheet metal underneath the right taillights, the right rear door had a rust hole near the rocker panel, and somebody had applied Bondo (with a trowel, it appears) to several other spots on the fenders and doors.

September, 1999

My wife Samantha took the picture of me with Betty along state highway 89 near Prescott, Arizona. Highway 89 between Wickenburg and Prescott goes from the desert floor to a lush pine forest, with lots of twists and turns that are great fun, even in a '64 Impala.

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