My First '64 Impala

Since I work in marketing, it seems only fitting to showcase some ads for the '64 Impala, starting with the ad for my car. My sister Linda, who lived in California at the time, saw this ad in a local auto trader (she was looking to buy a first-generation Pontiac Firebird and eventually found a '69 Firebird 350 coupe) and called me. After a couple of phone calls to the owner, I made arrangements to fly to California where Linda and her husband Dave helped me check it out. Since I bought a one-way plane ticket, I had every intention of buying the car.

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TV Commercial

TV Commercial

I found these ads for Oregon Tourism in the March and April 1964 issues of National Geographic.

A photo of Portland's Memorial Coliseum from the early 60s shows how GM used to dominate the market. From left to right, there's a '64 Chevy Bel Air, a '62 Buick LeSabre, a '61 Chevy Impala convertible, a '64 Chevy Impala SS, a '61 Chevy Bel Air, a '62 Chevy Impala, and a '59 Chevy Impala.

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